Its that time!


That’s right, time to get down and dirty in the warm dirty mulch. I’ve learned that I actually love mulch. When Jim asked if I wanted to spread or shovel I said “heck yes I’ll shovel!” In my Slogger Chicken boots I love standing ankle deep in the warm mulch and flinging it in the general direction of where I am suppose to be…until about four shovels in and my back starts to hurt. ANYWAYS, it’s better than a workout, so I’ll take it.

Two weekends ago now, we borrowed the company truck and Jim loaded it up with mulch and the next day we unloaded it in the garden.

Mulch is important for many different reasons; it helps the soil retain moisture, it protects the soil microorganisms, helps suppress weeds, and eventually decomposes to be part of your healthy soil.

I love the look of the garden with the deep dark mulch all over it, so classy!

Have fun Mulching!



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