Join writer Jenny and Farmer Jim as they tackle the ins and out of Suburban Permaculture and cooking with homegrown foods. Their hope is to shape the constant growth and change of nature into a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious eating and creating less of an impact on the world around them.

They met in March 2015 and married in August 2017. Jim has been opening Jenny’s eyes to the world of Permaculture and sustainable living while Jenny has been introducing Jim to a more unstructured lifestyle and a more flavorful palate. June 2018 they welcomed a baby boy and since then the chaotic family life has swept them up.

Follow the blog for tips and tricks on impatient cooking, trial and error backyard Permaculture, DIY projects and navigating family life. Laugh, learn and enjoy.


Jenny is a wife, mom, nanny, chicken wrangler, cat mom, kitchen crusader and professional mess maker. She is a graduate in creative writing from the University of Hartford and in her free time helps teach birth classes to other home birth moms. Jenny looks forward to experimenting with new recipes and sharing her thoughts as a newbie in the world of Permaculture.

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Jim is a husband, father, yoga enthusiast, a naturalist and is a perpetual student with a thirst for knowledge.  He works as a green building consultant for affordable housing developments and has a passion for sustainability. In 2014, he traveled internationally for 7 months with a focus on the environment, permaculture, and yoga studies. After returning stateside started implementing permaculture principles in the suburbs in hopes to give an example for ways to transform the land. He has no formal training in growing food, but believes to change the world all you can change is yourself.