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Homemade Yogurt in an Instant Pot

A simple way to create your own yogurt. Every 2 weeks we take a half gallon of milk and turn it into a few weeks of plain yogurt, see the video below for how it is made. Add 1/2 Gallon… Continue Reading →

2017 Harvest Summary

Our third year now with our annual Harvest Summary, continuing where our 2016 Summary left off. This year it took us a little while to get off the ground especially on the annuals because we spent some time planting new fruit… Continue Reading →

Up to Our Eyeballs in Eggplant

So many Eggplant, SO MANY!! We got to a point where we were considering taking them to the corgi meetup we went to and handing them out to random people and/or leaving them on people’s cars like those pamphlets you… Continue Reading →

Aaand We’re Back!!

Oh My Goodness. Where does time go? Boy did the month of September and October fly by! Granted, we had three weddings, ten chickens, two kittens and one very needy dog to handle. Along with new jobs, lots of business… Continue Reading →

Expanding the Run

Time for another Chicken Post! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? The girls have been performing greatly. We have been averaging on a high 8-9 a day and a low 5-6 a day. Almost everyone has gotten the hang of laying… Continue Reading →

I am a Farmer

I know exactly when it happened. It was one dew soaked, quiet morning I paused in the middle of our former lawn and let the enormity of what we have done this past year sink in and I thought: I’m… Continue Reading →

Welcome Ziggy!

Ok, so “Getting a Dog” was no where on Jim’s five year plan. It’s also probably not listed anywhere in the Beginners Guide to Permaculture, or Backyard Edible Gardens 101. But lets be honest, how could you resist this face?!… Continue Reading →

Kitchen Overhaul

As some of you may know we’ve had a very busy last few months. In a little over two months we completely redid our whole kitchen, from the floor up (or should I say ground up). Jim has owned his… Continue Reading →

Our Harry Potter Trip

I know this is totally not related to permaculture or cooking but many people have asked about our trip and since our blog is about educating I figured this could be a quick educational post about Harry Potter World. So… Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash Pasta

Last Saturday was the Farmers Market, and the weather has been perfect to go. Ours is located indoors at Forest Park. Its small and but perfectly set up and organized. Squash is one of those lovely winter vegetables that I… Continue Reading →

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