We’ve had some pretty great harvests so far. First being the head of lettuce we grew! Yes, THE head of lettuce. This Photo Jun 15, 6 46 58 PMbeautiful head of lettuce was featured in our recent blog post talking about the importance of soil (Called the Nitty Gritty). We thought it was time (and we needed lettuce for a salad) so we finally picked it. It gave us quite a significant amount of lettuce!

Also, we’ve been having a pretty steady supply of Snowpeas. They are incredible, such fantastic crunch and sweetness. The first harvest I snacked on, the second harvest I par boiled and froze along with the

Photo Jun 24, 2 04 37 PM beans that have emerged. To par boil and freeze them for later. Cut the tops of and pull the little stringy ends off so the string that goes along the casing and comes off. Boil water and boil them for two minutes and then transfer them into ice water for three minutes and lay out on a towel and pat dry. Store them in a plastic bag with the air squeezed out.

Our Snowpeas and Beans have been going crazy but I think it might be time to plant some more beans so we get more later on in the season. I’ve also been working hard on cutting and drying the herbs for my chicken box nesting herbs. Lately, the Marigold petals. I’ve been plucking about half the flowers and drying them in our bay window. Along with the Marigolds I’ve been cutting the catnip, Mint, Chamomile and Oregano.


Photo Jun 16, 4 59 28 PM Photo Jun 16, 4 59 36 PM

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