If you have read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle and have decided to try and eat locally for a year this cookbook would definitely be helpful. It organizes recipes based on what to you can find seasonally at your local farmer’s market. It has super helpful tips on picking the freshest ingredients and explains the ingredients you might not have heard about before.

Chard is not something I have tried before and I was super excited to use it. I found out that I really like it, it’s less leafy flavored like spinach and really does have a buttery sweetness. It was quite interesting to prepare and was delightful to eat!

The link to the recipe is below:


I’ve run into the problem of not being able to find the ingredients in a couple of her recipes several times before so I wasn’t surprised when I couldn’t find Ricotta Salata or Green Chard. I did, however, have leftover Ricotta from the Lasagna Roll Ups (Link here) and wanted to use it up. I also used Rainbow Chard instead It tasted great anyway!

Notes from the Farmer

The days are getting longer and the weather will be starting to warm soon enough. What I learned most from Animal Vegetable Miracle is the time of year with the least available is the early spring. The fall and winter crops are starting to dwindle and the spring growth will not turn into anything edible for quite some time. Here’s to making the winter farmers market last a little longer!


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