Bringing Permaculture to Life in the Kitchen

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Jim is a yoga enthusiast, a naturalist and is a perpetual student with a thirst for knowledge. He works as a green building consultant for affordable housing developments and has a passion for sustainability. He has no formal training in growing food, but believes to change the world all you can change is yourself.

Simple Backyard Hugelkultur

With the extra tree limbs and branches we have, we’ve taken to building simple Hugelkultur’s to create better garden beds. I will mainly defer you to other better sources if you’re interested in reading about the background on a Hugelkultur…. Continue Reading →

Homemade Yogurt in an Instant Pot

A simple way to create your own yogurt. Every 2 weeks we take a half gallon of milk and turn it into a few weeks of plain yogurt, see the video below for how it is made. Add 1/2 Gallon… Continue Reading →

Eggs and Honey, Right Outside

We’re entering the fifth year of having chickens on the property, and have been getting eggs from the backyard nearly every day. Take a tour of our coop setup where we currently have 3 chickens and will be taking on… Continue Reading →

Split and Transplant Perennials

Spring is a good time to be splitting and transplanting perennials that have made it through winter to give them more space to grow and expand the spread of your gardens. Certain perennials have multiple uses and can be used… Continue Reading →

Start Seedlings Indoors

  With the proper equipment, seeds, soil, trays, lights, and water you can get seeds started indoors 6-8 weeks prior to planting outside. Typically last frost around here is early to mid May, so late March we got some seeds… Continue Reading →

Winter Garden Tour

It’s late March and the spring is just here. Throughout the summer we will be showing the progression of the garden and what is happening on the property. For now we can show you how the yard looks in late… Continue Reading →

Getting Started: Transforming Grass into Gardens

There are a few different ways to create gardens where you have grass. This video shows one of the most labor intensive ways, but also gets things done in a shorter timeframe than spreading a tarp and tilling, and takes… Continue Reading →

Early Spring Garden Bed Preparation and Planting

It is the first week of spring, late March here in the garden. In the fall we prepped the garden beds by keeping them covered in straw, planted over 100 garlic bulbs in late fall, and have spent time in… Continue Reading →

Stay Safe, Support your Community and Healthcare Professionals

(and if you can, garden) We’ve started getting back out into the garden this spring, and with the global lockdowns going into effect thought it would be an opportunity to put into practice some of the principles that we’ve been… Continue Reading →

2019 Summary

Back for our fifth year summary of the growth of our property and lifestyle. Much of what we’ve done this year is beyond the garden so a few extra sections this year. Honeybees Our big addition to the garden production… Continue Reading →

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