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Homemade Pumpkin Puree

We had three very lovely, plump, orange pumpkins this year. We saw them in early September and we said “hey, we should pick those and use them.” Mid September we looked at them and said, “those would be great in… Continue Reading →

Red Currant Muffins

Our four Red Currant bushes are ready and after a taste test right off the bush I figured out I wasn’t a fan, and I think Jim agreed with me. After a tart (tiny) burst of berry flavor the seed… Continue Reading →

Spring Stew

Spring is the toughest time of the year fresh-food wise. Before, when I relied on grocery stores and didn’t care about where my food was coming from I didn’t even think about the fact that Spring is the low point… Continue Reading →

(A Little Less) Butter Chicken

I’ve been wanting to make this dish for awhile, ever since I had it at an Indian restaurant where I used to live in Bloomfield. I must admit though that when I looked up the recipe I was a tad… Continue Reading →

Ridiculously Easy Banana Pancakes

My go to breakfast is toast, with peanut butter, sliced bananas on top and a dash of cinnamon on top. If I’m feeling in extra need of some sweet comfort food I’ll add a drizzle of all natural honey too…. Continue Reading →

Tuna Salad

Lunches are always a struggle. While James is perfectly OK with his frozen tortellini and tomato sauce every day I get a little bored and antsy. I also usually am short on time. So it’s great to have something I… Continue Reading →

One-Skillet Potato, Ground Turkey and Spinach Frittata

Nothing is better than a hearty and filling Sunday morning brunch. Last Sunday was cold and rainy and I was in the mood for something different than the usual toast and scrambled eggs. So I went on the same old… Continue Reading →

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Clementines

I honestly haven’t made Chicken Thighs very often. There is one other chicken thighs recipe on the website and I’m pretty sure that is the only other time that I’ve made them. This recipe though, if I do say so… Continue Reading →

Baked Apple Chips

I snack a lot. It’s a flaw. But if I must snack I try and make them healthy snacks like craisins, raisins, nuts and popcorn. Recently dried fruit has made it’s way into my diet and is here to stay…. Continue Reading →


Here is a step-by-step on how to make super easy, no fail gnocchi. Remember people, it doesn’t have to be pretty just yummy.

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