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Na’an Pizza

In a pinch I always make Na’an. We had Jim’s parents over for dinner recently and I was planning to have eggplant hamburgers and last minute I realized we didn’t have hamburger buns so I made Na’an wraps to use instead…. Continue Reading →

How To Freeze Your Harvest

My goal was by the end of the summer I wanted to fill our mini freezer downstairs with things from the garden that we have harvested and frozen. So far, we are doing pretty good! I have frozen a ton… Continue Reading →

Starting Seedlings

Seedling season has started! Or at least if you live in the Northeast. Many seeds we purchased say to start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Several places I’ve looked online have said that the last frost date for… Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Poppers

Need a quick and easy holiday party appetizer? Even if you’re not a huge fan of spicy foods like me, there are great uses for having some jalapenos growing right outside in the garden (we froze ours since we have so… Continue Reading →

Grilling in Boothbay Maine

For the weekend of September 19th Jim and I spent two nights at Knickerbocker Lake Cottages in Boothbay Maine. It was incredible, a little slice of heaven. The cottage was a perfect size for two people and even had a tiny… Continue Reading →

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