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We’re Alive!

Hi! Yes, we are in fact alive! January has been one crazy month. There was lots of traveling in the beginning, then settling into my new job and then most recently a week of the crazy virus that has been… Continue Reading →

I am a Farmer

I know exactly when it happened. It was one dew soaked, quiet morning I paused in the middle of our former lawn and let the enormity of what we have done this past year sink in and I thought: I’m… Continue Reading →

Tobacco Netting and Tantrums

Tobacco Netting. Why the heck is it so hard to find? If you aren’t familiar with the area we are in we are nicely situated near some really great farming area in northern CT, mostly tobacco farms. Our blueberries that… Continue Reading →

Harvest has Begun!

We’ve had some pretty great harvests so far. First being the head of lettuce we grew! Yes, THE head of lettuce. This beautiful head of lettuce was featured in our recent blog post talking about the importance of soil (Called… Continue Reading →

Training Chickens – Chicken Update!

OK, so not actually training them. We aren’t that crazy…or ARE we?! We are kind of training them, training them to not sleep in the wonderfully cozy nesting boxes we created for them and roost on the pole we so… Continue Reading →

The Nitty Gritty

Prepping a garden is not easy. To many it seems like Blueberry Hill just popped out of nowhere. Jim’s brief account of the origin while informative didn’t really get you into the action. He left out the fact that it… Continue Reading →

Ode to Spring

My goodness do I love Spring. That’s the gardener in me of course, the chef in me is cursing the season of very little output. We do however, have small salad greens, Sweet Cicely, Sorrel and herbs like Thyme, Oregano,… Continue Reading →

Spring Planting 2016

It is amazing how much can be accomplished in a year. The last check in was our 2015 Harvest Summary, and a lot has been done since the winter ended.  There has been some major spring planting that we want to highlight, to… Continue Reading →

Welcome Ziggy!

Ok, so “Getting a Dog” was no where on Jim’s five year plan. It’s also probably not listed anywhere in the Beginners Guide to Permaculture, or Backyard Edible Gardens 101. But lets be honest, how could you resist this face?!… Continue Reading →

Planting Begins

The planting has officially begun. This is such a difference between last year. Last year everything was pushed back several months due to waiting for the trees to be taken down. We were too far into the seasons to start… Continue Reading →

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