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Training Chickens – Chicken Update!

OK, so not actually training them. We aren’t that crazy…or ARE we?! We are kind of training them, training them to not sleep in the wonderfully cozy nesting boxes we created for them and roost on the pole we so… Continue Reading →

Chickens 3 Month Update

Our little ladies are just about 3 months old. I guess I shouldn’t say little anymore. They are fluffing up slowly just in time for…summer. Poor gals, all those extra feathers coming in for the hottest season. The first time… Continue Reading →

Bye Stumpy!

Last week we said goodbye to our dear odd-one-out Stumpy. Don’t worry he didn’t die!! It became pretty clear that Stumpy was in fact a rooster. Our chicken expert/farm liaison/aged manure supplier/blueberry provider Becky believes that most likely we ended… Continue Reading →

Chickens: Week 5 (Lockdown)

Lockdown at the Penitentiary. We’ve had a couple “Code Reds” occur and it seems like every time it’s Chicken Parm testing his her(?) boundaries. Earlier this week James ventured down and found a trail of droppings all leading to Chicken… Continue Reading →

Chickens: Week 4 (New Decor)

According to the McMurray Hatchery blog week 4 is where things start to change. According to us, each weekend has been a flurry of feathers and makeshift contraptions to try and keep them contained. So I don’t know Mcmurray hatchery,… Continue Reading →

Chickens: Week 3 (Puberty Isn’t Pretty)

Our little teenagers are growing fast and let me tell you, chick puberty is not pretty. They are all wings, bald spots and disproportionate limbs. Their wings are growing fast, and they exercise them daily. Flying is the new favorite… Continue Reading →

Chickens: Week 2 (Rooster in the Hen House?)

The girls are growing so fast! And “girls” might be incorrect. I have a sneaking suspicion that we have a rooster in our mix. Omelet, who we have reported on before might not be who we thought she is. According… Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Spinach “Frittata”

Sunday mornings are tough for me. Usually I’m tired from all the work we did Saturday and usually we don’t get to sleep in. Like this Sunday we had a quote for the back splash at 9, so we had… Continue Reading →

Breaking Ground: Coop Progress Post 1

Spring is officially here! We’ve been very busy these past couple of weeks. Most exciting of all is breaking ground on the chicken coop! The coop will be built behind the garage where there once was a raised garden bed… Continue Reading →

Chickens Coming Soon!

Our chicken have been ordered! I’m SO excited. They’ll be here the first week of March and we will keep them inside until late spring. As soon as it is 50 or warmer at night or earlier with a heat… Continue Reading →

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