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Finished Chicken Coop

We are quite excited to have the chicken coop and run finished, and have our chickens out in the fresh air and sunlight.┬áThe total costs for the coop construction came in around $1,000. It will take a few years of… Continue Reading →

Sides and Roof Up!

We’ll look back on the first weekend of April and remember the kindness of our friend Elise who helped us, the feeling of accomplishment, the raising of a new structure and the absolutely bitter wind that permeated every single layer… Continue Reading →

We Built a Wall! (Before we built the floor)

When we broke ground on the chicken coop we realized that the foundation for the back of the garage wasn’t fully formed, it didn’t reach down to the wall as it should. So in order to build the coop behind… Continue Reading →

We Built a Floor!

In all our research of chicken coops and how to build them we found very little information on how to build your standard run-of-the-mill “shed style” coop. We found lots of cute little backyard coops(like these fabulously chic coops on… Continue Reading →

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