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How To Freeze Your Harvest

My goal was by the end of the summer I wanted to fill our mini freezer downstairs with things from the garden that we have harvested and frozen. So far, we are doing pretty good! I have frozen a ton… Continue Reading →

Tobacco Netting and Tantrums

Tobacco Netting. Why the heck is it so hard to find? If you aren’t familiar with the area we are in we are nicely situated near some really great farming area in northern CT, mostly tobacco farms. Our blueberries that… Continue Reading →

Red Currant Jelly

I hope everyone liked the muffin recipe! You know what is great on Red Currant Muffins? Red Currant Jelly! Well, more like: what else do you do with four more full, ripe bushes of red currants? You make jelly! I… Continue Reading →

Red Currant Muffins

Our four Red Currant bushes are ready and after a taste test right off the bush I figured out I wasn’t a fan, and I think Jim agreed with me. After a tart (tiny) burst of berry flavor the seed… Continue Reading →

Brand New Blueberry Transplants

If you’ve been following us you might know we had four blueberry bushes planted behind our brand new Chicken Coop (you might have read about them inĀ Our Harvest ReportĀ  or Granola with fresh berries). Two of which we acquired from… Continue Reading →

Homemade Granola Berry Breakfast

Growing up in West Linn, Oregon we had a long row of Marionberries along the side of our house. Marionberries are types of blackberries that are sweet, juicy and a little bit bigger than the typical blackberries you see in… Continue Reading →

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