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Small Scale Farming

Incremental change is hard to see. Almost 2 years in and we are just starting to see the vision take shape of what we want to accomplish. There is still a ways to go, but to see how far we’ve… Continue Reading →

Summer Harvest

It’s over 90 degrees as I sit on the porch trying to find ways to stay relatively cool. The heat of the summer has set in, and along with it comes the slightly more rewarding work in the garden. In… Continue Reading →

Spring Planting 2016

It is amazing how much can be accomplished in a year. The last check in was our 2015 Harvest Summary, and a lot has been done since the winter ended.  There has been some major spring planting that we want to highlight, to… Continue Reading →

Finished Chicken Coop

We are quite excited to have the chicken coop and run finished, and have our chickens out in the fresh air and sunlight. The total costs for the coop construction came in around $1,000. It will take a few years of… Continue Reading →

Starting your Suburban Permaculture Project

So you’ve heard a little bit about permaculture and maybe have seen a few passionate people working on projects or advocating for permaculture, and you’re considering a project of your own. The good news is, the only things you need to… Continue Reading →

2015 Harvest Summary

Year 1 of the permaculture transition was a full focus on perennial establishment and system building. While year 2 will bring much of the same, we would still like to follow a core tenant of Permaculture: “Obtain a Yield”. With this… Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Poppers

Need a quick and easy holiday party appetizer? Even if you’re not a huge fan of spicy foods like me, there are great uses for having some jalapenos growing right outside in the garden (we froze ours since we have so… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Indoor Worm Composting

After I learned about the principles of Permaculture, I of course wanted to jump right in! First trouble, it was the dead of winter and nothing could grow for months. This doesn’t mean I had to wait to get started with… Continue Reading →

Permaculture: We’re in this together

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