(and if you can, garden)

We’ve started getting back out into the garden this spring, and with the global lockdowns going into effect thought it would be an opportunity to put into practice some of the principles that we’ve been learning about over the years, and to share what we are up to.

While we are not fully off the grid or disconnected, we feel like it is important to have ways to be self reliant and provide support where we need. If we are able to grow much of our own food we can become more resilient to certain shocks to our system such as food supply shortages or travel restrictions.

There is a lot of abundance and opportunity especially in the suburban spaces that currently are the symbol of so much overconsumption. If we all started to transform our land and be self supportive and grow food we can create more stable local environments. A single garden will not change the world, but as the world changes around us, growing a garden is something we can do and we hope to share what we can do.

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