We have had our ten ladies for a little over a year now. They are in the process of molting, so they are rather odd looking at the moment but we still love them. We celebrated them by getting them a cabbage and hanging it up in the coop. Hanging the cabbage will give them something to do when they are bored along with something yummy to munch on.

I have been feeling bad for them, due to the snow they have been (literally) cooped up for almost two weeks straight. We do shovel out their run but its so muddy they usually don’t venture out. I have been spoiling them with lots of fresh snacks and dried mealworms.

We have been getting about three to five eggs a day which is usual during molting. The birds we have been the most impressed with are our white leghorns. OmeletteĀ and Lady Parm are definitely the most aggressive out of the ten but that is perfectly OK since we have been getting one egg from each almost every single day.


Remember when they were just tiny little balls of fluff?

Chickens: Week 1

We have done our research for keeping out fluffy friends happy and healthy during winter. We have increased the bedding and we do “wellness checks” every day when we gather the eggs. In very windy conditions we close the hatch to the outside just in case the snow tries to blow in. In case you have any questions we found this article from the McMurray Hatchery’s blog helpful:

Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Producing During Winter Months



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