(This recipe is from Fresh From the Farmer’s Market by Janet Fletcher)

I know, the picture is pitiful. I would love to know how she created such a beautiful picture for her cookbook because it is just not a pretty looking dish.


Looks are deceiving because these were tasty! I actually didn’t make them as a meal but as a tasty side dish that took longer to bake than I thought so turned into a very vegetarian dessert. We’ve maintained our vegetarian lifestyle but occasionally stray into Pescatarianism.

I haven’t had leeks enough to decide whether I like them enough, but every time I had a dish with them in it I have liked it so I figured I would give this recipe a shot. I loved it! It was sweet, with a lemony tinge and so tender they cut like butter.

The Link to the Recipe is below:


The leeks we found in the Organic section of Big Y were huge! So we were quite full. I couldn’t find any fresh tarragon so I used dry. They took longer to bake (probably because of the thickness) so definitely plan for that. Ours fit well in a loaf pan and I turned them several times.


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