Looking for a great way to substitute Tofu into your daily dishes? Well, if you loved the Chicken Sate we already published try using tofu with that recipe again.

In all honesty I think both Jim and I wanted to have the peanut sauce again. But since we both had chicken several times the week we made this we decided to try using tofu instead. I am the first to say that I have no idea how to use tofu. I’ve gotten advice from several friends and coworkers and am slowly perfecting my technique. The best advice I’ve gotten is to make sure your tofu is well pressed. It is stored in water so if you try and infuse and flavor into it, it has to be pretty dry in order to absorb that flavor. I used the same exact chicken sate recipe that is on the website already. I did exactly the same thing and marinated the tofu in the marinade that is in the recipe.

After you’ve pressed your tofu preferably overnight in between two towels and something heavy, arrange it in a glass casserole dish and pour the marinade over it. Marinade it for at least two hours if possible. Then take the tofu out, let the marinade drip off and cover both sides of the tofu in cornstarch. Then fry it in hot coconut oil. Hopefully it will come out with a fantastic texture with a yummy marinade soaked inside.  Even if you’re not a fan of tofu, and you love the peanut sauce just slather that on and it will be delicious. Honestly, I’m pretty sure Jim and I would eat anything that had that sauce on it.

Happy tofu cooking!

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