This is a quick little post on how to cube tofu so you can use it in several different dishes.

As you know I’ve been learning how to cook and use tofu in different dishes and I’ve found this recipe to be the best way to cook the tofu to be used as extra protein in dishes that don’t have any.

I’m not super sold on this whole vegetarian thing. I would much rather consider myself a free range-etarian. Meaning I would prefer to eat only free range meat. Not because of my connection with animals. I believe a more Native American approach in which we are part of a food chain and we are meant to use animals as sources of protein and nutrition. As long as they are respected and treated appropriately then we may use them as food.


Tofu (firm or extra firm)


Coconut Oil


Buy either firm or extra firm tofu in the grocery store.

They come packed in water so press the tofu, for four or five hours or even better over night.

Cut the tofu up into inch cubes.

Warm a skillet with tall sides on medium heat until hot.

Toss the cubed tofu in small batches a bowl with about 1/4 cup of cornstarch (more if needed) until they are fully coated.

Add about 1 1/2 Tbs of coconut oil to the skillet and add a good amount of the cubed tofu, but not so much that they are crowded.

“Fry” the tofu until the sides are lightly brown. Mix them in the pan so they turn over and around so each side is browned.

Lay several pieces of paper towel over a wire cooling rack and removed the tofu with a slotted spoon onto the paper towels.

Let cool if storing them or using them on salads or use them hot in fried rices or pastas.


Let me know if this recipe worked for you!

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